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By Meredith Bishop April 04, 2018 0

Used tea leaves are a fantastic way to get organic matter into your garden and pots. Tea leaves are rich in nitrogen providing valuable balance to soils that are already rich in carbon.

If you drink loose leaf tea just toss the used, wet leaves straight onto the bed. If you are using a teabag (firstly stop it!) then you can bury the bag in the garden if it is made of a bio-degradable material like paper, muslin or silk as the bag will breakdown if not then cut open the used bag and dump the leaves into the garden and dispose of the bag.

Some teabags won't breakdown, if you notice after months that the bag is still in tact in the soil it is probably composed of up to one third polypropylene (again stop using teabags!) don't worry just cut open the bag and dispose of it properly. The easy way to tell if your teabag contains polypropylene is if it feels slick to the touch.

While it is better to put your tealeaves into a compost pile or worm farm they can be added directly to the soil around plants that prefer an acidic mixture like fruit trees (avoid the figs), vegetables and roses.

While using teas blended with fruit and floral ingredients is no problem be careful using teas mixed with spices such as chai or some herbal teas as these may not react so favourably with all plants.

With more and more ending up in landfill every year and problems with businesses unable to use all of the recyclables collected it's nice to know there is still something you can do yourself.


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