ByDo you like blueberries? I have just come back from a berry farm down past Moe. We went to pick up 100 advanced blueberry plants. It is a rather famous variety called Brigitta – many blueberry varieties have girl’s names. These girls have flower buds on them so will fruit this year. The plants are over three years old and selling for just under $40.

The grower of these plants also produces fruit from December onwards. Some of his plants were over 2 metres high and 35 years old. These ones yield up to 10kg per year. At the moment they are pruning the plants which includes removing tired older branches and removing weak twiggy and short branches. In Spring, they will feed with organic fish and kelp fertilisers. Look out for these fresh Moondarra blueberries at The Kingston Farmers Market later in the year – a real flavour treat.

Now is a good time to prepare garden beds that you wish to plant in for spring. Just turning the soil will help oxygenate it. Adding compost or fertiliser will help new plantings to jump away with growth. We recommend Grow Better All Purpose which contains a good amount of ‘blood n bone’, adding plenty of nitrogen. Perfect to kick off vegie plantings you make in the next couple of months.

This is the month where you would think the frosts in the area are behind us, especially those of us living near the coast. We have had some bad ones earlier in winter and those plants that were damaged are probably now telling you if they will survive or not. You shouldn’t prune the damage until spring, as these bits are still protecting the rest of the plant. Expect to feed stressed plants well in spring for any hope of recovery.

As spring flowering bulbs like hyacinths, tulips and daffodils flower, remember to feed them as they finish flowering so as the bulbs absorb nutrients for next year. Cut off the spent flower heads to assist in this. If you love bulbs, there should still be some summer flowering bulbs available to plant now, including Calla Lily, Liliums and Giant Flowering Hippeastrum.

Cut the passionfruit back a bit and feed it with chicken pellets. We need to kick it into new growth. Plant potatoes if you have the room, and remember to pick all the mature fruit off citrus trees, as the trees will thank you for it by putting their energy into setting new flowers for next year. Maybe plant a late batch of broccoli or red onions, as these will be ready by the time you want to plant zucchini and cucumber in late October. Keep watering any newly planted fruit trees once a week.

Get ready to feed good plants and weed bad ones. Yes, the main garden season of spring is almost upon us. From citrus to buxus, from roses to lawns, the time to give them a decent feed is here. Troforte is a fertiliser I’m going to try. As for the weeds, bring in your problem samples to the nursery, and we will tailor a plan for you. If you have lots of those little annual weeds popping up, try the new low impact spray called Slasher. It is derived from the pelargonium plant and really works well on these particular weeds. By James Wall

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