The Battle of the Bulge

This was the last major battle of World War II, when the Germans rallied the troops for one final counter-attack using a pincer movement.

Today we need to use a pincer movement as most people are fighting "The Battle of" the Bulge. We take for granted that as we get old we put on weight, but we can fight this trend and reduce the number of Australians becoming obese. Our hospitals are exploding, with cases of heart attacks, knee and hip replacements and diabetes.

So, what can we do? The best change is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Here are some simple tips to make this happen:

  • walk more, drive lessbattle bulge happy couple
  • walk more, less TV
  • join a club, less TV
  • more water, less sugar
  • get a pet, they keep you on your toes
  • take up gardening, less TV
  • dance more, a good form of exercise
  • ride a bicycle, drive less


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