The Paris Accord- How will Australia honour it?

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The Paris Climate Accord is an agreement with the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, dealing with greenhouse gas emissions adopted by consensus, on 12 December 2015.

In June 2017, President Donald Trump announced his intention, that the United States would withdraw from the Accord.

While the French are strongly behind the Accord, they rely heavily on nuclear power, and, as such, a reduction in emissions will not have a huge effect on their economy. This is not the case with the economy of the United States.

However, the problem the Australian Government is facing, revolves around trying to honour the Accord, while trying to stop the Australian economy from taking a hit.

Most young people see renewable energy as the future in saving the planet, creating new jobs and driving growth in Australia’s economy. This view is not shared by all, as others feel appropriate planning needs to be undertaken to make sure we have no blackouts, the economy does not take a hit, consumers are not ripped off by power price hikes, and power companies have a clear direction. Building power generation sites requires large capital investment, and, an appropriate return on investment that will keep shareholders happy.

The Finkel report stayed away from this by not stating what technologies should be adopted. It only recommended a target, not a pathway on how to get there.  It was left to the Government to set a target, and select the technologies which could be used, via subsidies. The technologies referred to are:

·         Renewables such as solar panels on roofs, solar farms, wind farms or hydro.

·         Non-renewables such as gas, coal or nuclear.

So, we will be hearing more about this, once the Government completes the planning, in order to set a target for greenhouse gas reductions, that everyone can live with.





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