Council Ignores Community Objections and Passes Bay Trail Motion

After receiving more than 300 objections to the planning application for the Bay Trail, five councillors have ignored the overwhelming community support behind "Do Not Narrow Beach Road". The five councillors voted in favour of the motion that will Narrow Beach Road.
They are Councillors:

  • West
  • Eden
  • Oxley
  • Staikos
  • Barth

Currently 5,000 people have signed the petition to stop any narrowing of Beach Road.

The Council is hiding behind bureaucracy and red tape, as road safety is not a trigger point to stop the application according Jonathan Guttmann, General Manager, and this position was endorsed by John Nevins CEO at the Council public meeting held on the 24th January. So green space is more important than road safety. What a ridiculous state of affairs.

Besides this, some Councillors are drawing at straws and giving misinformation, which includes: -


The community strongly supporting the application. In feedback given to Councillors by email, 297 were against the motion, while 4 were in favour, with some remaining neutral.


That cyclists support the motion. Cyclists support ‘One Metre Matters’ and strongly disagree with any narrowing of any major cycling road.


Narrowing roads in times of population growth makes them safer. Hardly something our forefathers would have endorsed in the planning of Melbourne, and is not backed up by any data to support this preposterous claim.

One wonders how genuine these Councillors are at supporting their own code of conduct that states: “Councillors need to be transparent, to act honestly and avoid statements that will or are likely to mislead or deceive and to apply principles of good governance to their actions and decisions.” Clearly, this has been overlooked in the discussion of this motion.

Despite Council passing the motion, the “Do No Not Narrow Beach Road” campaign will continue, so you can keep in touch by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by visiting the Facebook page at donotnarrowbeachrd

If you see one of the five Councillors, tell them how disappointed in them you are. They need this feedback to understand just how unpopular narrowing Beach Road is.


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